The Veda is a holy scripture of Hinduism/sanatan dharma. There are 4 vedas. Vedas are eternal. They are anaadi (no beginning)and Ananta (no end). They exist as vibrations.

  1. Rig veda
  2. Yajur veda
  3. Sama veda
  4. Athrva veda.

Vyasa was the sage who compiled the four vedas into systematic manner. Thatโ€™s why he is known as veda vyasa. Each veda has four sections –

  1. Samhitas – Rishis heard the vibrations/mantras called Samhitas. The other three sections were authored by rishis.
  2. Brahmanas – It is the guide to explain the mantras . How to use mantras in rituals/ Yajnas.
  3. Aranyakas – This portion contains mantras and rituals both. Guide for starting a sannyasa life.
  4. Upanishads – it contain the most important message and purpose of vedas in human life . The purpose is to gain the liberation for embodied soul. Upanishads are actually the form of dialogues between guru and shishya. The guru teaches us the discipline and guide him to discover the reality of himself.

Aranyakas and upanishads contain vast amount of scientific knowledge such as chemistry, physical, geometry, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, botany, geology, anatomy and medicines.

Who wrote vedas ?

Vedas dont have authors. They are eternal. Rishis are the great souls. Rishis were super sensory and spiritual scientists. The great Rishi vyasa heard these and memorised then then compiled the vedas and give them to us . They dont have beginning and no end.

Which book is known as fifth veda ?

Mahabharata written by Ved Vyasa beacause it contains a lot of information.

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