Yoga during Menstruation ?

The most commonly and frequently asked question by females, can i do yoga during menstruation ? The answer to this question is yes you can but there are many precaution which must be followed. So let dig in this topic.

Yoga during menstruation

Now let’s understand the conditions and the pain which occurs during menstruation. Doing yoga or not is all Upto your choice according to your level of comfort. Not every woman is comfortable while doing yoga during menstruation. So if you don’t feel like doing it Take rest lady.

What are the precautions must be taken while doing yoga in menstruation ?

  • The very first precaution is to keep the intensity low/medium. Don’t go through any tough or challenging asana .
  • Strictly avoid inversions like sarvangasana, sirsasana etc which keeps your body upside down as it disturb the pranic flow.
  • Avoid core based exercise/asanas.
  • Avoid high intensity pranayama practices and stick to Anulom-vilom, Nadi-shodhan or relaxing breathing exercise.
  • If you are beginner practitioner then avoid practicing Shatkarma/Kriyas like Kapalbhati, neti etc.
  • If you are new to yoga practice then try not to force any asana or movement during this time .

Then what type of yoga i can do in my menstrual period ?

It’s difficult when your are bleeding and all that pain/cramps , Mood swings, Cravings and lots of emotional fluctuations you are going through. You can do many practices in yoga. Just remember few precaution mention above and enjoy . Here are few things you can follow.

  • Focus more on stretching as stretching your body helps to reduce stress. Many females suffer from backache, headache, cramps etc stretching your lower body and gentle twisting helps to relief pain in menstruation.
  • Practice pranayama like Anulom-Vilom, Nadishodhan etc as it will help you to relax your mood and balances your prana.
  • You can go for basic chanting which will help you to stay calm .

I am PCOD/PCOS patient, can i do yoga practice ?

A big yes , pcod/pcos patients are highly recommended to do/start yoga practices. Yoga helps you in your long term run. Let’s understand, How? If you dont know pcod/pcod are lifestyle problems which is very common now a days not following healthy food not exercising daily, seating work etc habits can lead to pcos/pcod. Lots of hormonal imbalance caused by our habits can lead to these kinds of problems . But don’t you worry. Start from today take one day at a time. Go for basic yoga asana & pranayama practices. Just after few months of yoga practice you can feel the difference. And when you are menstruating follow all the precautions.


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