Types Of Yoga

Yoga is vast. And here are different types of yoga and in-detail information about them. In order to learn all these types, one has to go through intense learning and practice. It takes years to master a specific type of yoga.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga system was reconstructed from a mysterious manuscript written on a bundle of palm leaves, the ‘‘Yoga Korunta”. this collection of verses on hatha yoga was discovered in the 1930’s by yoga master and sanskrit scholar shri tirumalai krishnamacharya and his student k. pattabhi jois. shri tirumalai krishnamacharya and k. pattabhi jois translated and reconstructed …

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga also called as Hatha Vidya. It was introduced by The “Yogi Swatmarama”, a sage of 15th century India, and compiler of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The word Hatha is composed of the words “Ha – Sun” and “tha- Moon”. a combination of two beeja mantras. Ha represents prana, the vital force, and tha …

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Raja Yoga

Raja yoga means “royal path”. Just as a king maintains control over his kingdom, you must maintain control over your own kingdom. The vast territory of your mind. It’s the path of meditation, mantras, and techniques. Raja yoga says to believe only what you find out for yourself through direct experience. Raja yoga is divided …

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Jnāna Yoga

Jnāna Yoga divided into 3 parts Jnāna – Hearing the truth, that Ātman is the only reality and everything else is Maya (relativity) . Stands for knowledge. Vijnāna – Reasoning upon this philosophy from all points of view. Prajnāna– Giving up all further argumentation and realising the truth. Stands for profound knowledge, wisdom,ultimate reality/Brahman. These …

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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga is a real, genuine search after the Lord, a search beginning, continuing and ending in Love. One single moment of the madness of extreme love to god brings us eternal freedom. In today’s world with so much chaos and confusion, it is said that Bhakti is the easiest of the paths. It can …

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