What are the Pancha Pranas ?

What are the pancha pranas ?

What are the pancha pranas ? It is a Sanskrit word “pra” means constancy and “na” means movement. Prana is a force in Constant motion, like a vibration moving to and fro. It has two aspects – first prana is responsible for all the functions of the body and the cosmic aspects(kundalini).

It is a vital force that runs the human body. The term prana not just breath as we commonly use it actually way more deeper than just breath. The breath is actually physical manifestation of prana. Prana is the energy, the principle of life responsible for any being.

Prana is only one but depending upon their functions it is given different names . Pranamaya kosha have five pranas. There are five mukhya prana :-

  1. PRANA – Prana is the basic energy for life. It governs the consumption of food, air, water, sensory impressions and mental experiences. Prana operates between head down to the navel, the pranic centre in human body.
  2. APANA – Apana is responsible for excretion of waste products. It governs all form of excretion like excretion of stool, sweat, urine, seman, menstrual fluids carbon dioxide, emotion, mental experiences etc. it forms our basis of immune functions at all levels. Operates in Navel to perineal region.
  3. UDANA – Udana is responsible for higher functions like growth of the body, ability to stand speech, efforts etc. it is our Main positive energy of life. Operates from navel up to the head.
  4. VYANA – Vyana is responsible for circulation. Like circulation of food, water and oxygen and at the mental level of emotions and thoughts.
  5. SAMANA – samana is responsible for digestion . It helps in digestion at all levels – food , absorption of oxygen

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