What are Gunas ?

What are Gunas ?

What are Gunas ? There are 3 type of Gunas – Satva, Rajas & Tamas. These Gunas are the product of ignorance. So let’s understand the basic concept :-

1. Satva Guna

  • This is the harmony/balance state.
  • This state sustain with positive power where a person is completely aware of his/her senses.
  • A Satvik person does not expect anything in return . He/she offer everything to divine without expecting any results .
  • This state of mind increases intelligence, strength & happiness.
  • Person in this state pushes everyone forward and appreciate others and sees everything as one .
  • In this state, a person is happy on his own existence and do not depend on anyone/anything.
  • A person in this state eats fresh food, sweet, local fruits etc (satvik food).

2. Rajas Guna

  • It is the state where a person is constantly moving and his actions is done to drive some benefits.
  • Do everything based on his own goal & always slave to his/her own desires.
  • Prefer to eat hot & spicy food.
  • A person in this state drives happiness from senses & bodily comforts/pleasures.

3. Tamas Guna

  • It is a state where a person do No activity or less activity & becomes lazy have dull ignorance and suffer shocks, depression, etc .
  • A person do actions just for the sake of it. Narrow minded and self- centred.
  • A person in this state drives happiness from sleeping, being lazy, sluggishness etc
  • If a person is staying in tamas state for so long it can lead to depression, self harm & suicidal thoughts.

Always remember everything is a process either it is bad or good . We are made of all the 3 gunas . Sometimes satva is dominating , sometimes Rajas and sometimes tamas. It is all in proportion .

These is lot more about Gunas , but understand if your aim is to reach liberation/samadhi then you have to go beyond these 3 Gunas. Satva is the state where a yogi tries to stay most of the times without attachment and continuously practice to go beyond gunas . It’s very interesting isn’t it ? Human mind is insanely beautiful . So keep trusting the process and do consistent practice to be aware of your self – your gunas . And tell yourself your are beyond this. Telling yourself create habits either good or bad . So be aware of your thoughts !!

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