Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga system was reconstructed from a mysterious manuscript written on a bundle of palm leaves, the ‘‘Yoga Korunta”. this collection of verses on hatha yoga was discovered in the 1930’s by yoga master and sanskrit scholar shri tirumalai krishnamacharya and his student k. pattabhi jois.

shri tirumalai krishnamacharya and k. pattabhi jois translated and reconstructed the ashtanga yoga series and pattabhi jois, with the encouragement of krishnamacharya, took the instructions on the basis of his practice and teaching.

Ashtanga vinyasa by pattabhi jois is a form of Hatha yoga which focuses on asana and pranayama. some people call ashtanga or ashtanga vinyasa yoga in order to distinguish between Patanjali’s eightfold system.

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