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What are the Six factors that obstructing your progress in yoga?

According to Hatha yoga pradipika there are 6 factors which come in the way of yoga practice are ; 1. Atiahara Atiahara means over eating. 2. Prayasa Exceeding certain limits whether it is physical or mental or oral. yoga practitioner should avoid this. 3. Prajalpa Over talking called prajalpa or bahubhashana. 4. Niyamagraha Adhering to …

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Trataka is used in maditation practice, is one of the six purification techniques, called Shatakarma of hatha yoga. Trataka is the sanskrit word which means to gaze. the two most common type of trataka practices are antara and bahya trataka. antara is performed with the closed eyes closed, the focus is on any internal part …

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Origin of yoga

Yoga, being widely considered as “ immortal culture outcome” of “Indus saraswati valley civilisation” – dating back to 2700 B.C. , has proved itself catering to both material & spiritual upliftment of humanity. Basic human value are the very identity of yoga sadhana. The science of yoga has its origin thousands of year ago, long …

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What is yoga ?

The word yoga refers to different things in today’s time. some may understand it as an indian form of exercise which has to do with specific body postures. others may understand it as breathing practices and relaxation methods. some may even consider it as a weight reducing regimen involving profuse sweating. Then there are general …

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