Surya Gayatri mantra

Surya Gayatri mantra is the greatest of all Vedic mantras. The meaning of a word Gayatri means is that which protects on who chant it.

भूर्भुवः स्व:



धियोयोंनः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Surya Gayatri mantra is known as the king of all mantras. Gayatri is generally considered as a female deity but there is no such reference in the hymn to the feminine. Most of the people believer that this mantra is a prayer to the sun that shine over the earth but the actual truth is ‘Tat saviour’ means ‘that’ sun. That sun is the supreme Brahman. Each and every word of Gayatri mantra have highest Vedant if concept of the supreme truth. Surya Gayatri mantra gives us the knowledge of oneness.

‘’Bhur, Bhuvah, Swaha’’ denotes three worlds – earth, heaven and interim space. stands for existence, consciousness and bliss.

‘’We contemplate the glory of the creator who has made this entire universe, who is the only one to be worshiped, who is the embodiment of knowledge and light, who is the remover of all the sins of ignorance. May he enlighten us!.’’

What is the proper timing to chant surya gayatri mantra?

The best time to chant surya gayatri mantra during three Sandhyas. First in the morning when the night ends called Partha. Then afternoon when sun is in its zenith (Madhyanna). After the day meets the night (pradosha).

One should chant this mantra atleast 12 times at every sitting. Always remember before chanting sit in a proper and comfortable asana . Close your eyes and stay calm, pay attention to your breath, set positive intension. And then start chanting.

If you are a busy person and you dont have time for chanting 12 times. You can chant this mantra 3 times in the morning empty stomach . After chanting mantra stay silent for 15 to 30 mixtures if possible. Silence will help you go deep in.

Chanting of this mantra 108 times (1 Mala) will shower you with incalculable benefits. So if you have time go for 108 repetitions . It doesn’t matter who your personal deity is You can repeat this mantra while doing Pooja of your god/deity.

Note -ask your instructor or teacher how to chant mantra. you should know how to chant surya gaytri mantra otherwise it wont work in proper way. And dont chant mantra like a song there is a proper way to chant each and every mantra.

5 Benefits of chanting surya gayatri mantra daily ?

Gayatri mantra is the greatest of all Vedic mantras.

  1. Repetition of this mantra increases brain power, memory and intellect.
  2. Chanting daily improves your mental health and stability .
  3. Chanting have tremendous effect on our physical , mental, spiritual and emotional health.
  4. The vibrations while chanting have the healing effect on our body, mind and soul.
  5. Chanting gives the realisation of oneness of the jivatma with the pramatma.

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