What is prenatal yoga ?

what is prenatal yoga ? Prenatal yoga is the yoga perform during the pregnancy. And postnatal yoga is the yoga perform after the pregnancy.

What is prenatal yoga ?
Prenatal yoga.

So is it safe to practice yoga during pregnancy ?

Yes, it is safe to practice yoga during pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that women who practice yoga before, during and after pregnancy have good results in the journey of motherhood. A women goes through a complete change during this time , practicing yoga helps to manage mood swings, anxiety, emotional stress, etc. The practice of particular asana and pranayama helps women to get stronger physically, mentally, emotionally through this entire journey of motherhood.

How can i start my Prenatal yoga journey?

Before starting your prenatal yoga journey. You have to consult your doctor. If your doctor says yes to exercise then you are good to go. And if you are yet to conceive, then start your yoga journey before conceiving . It would be great if you prepare your body and your mind before conceiving. And dont worry if your are reading this and you are pregnant, find prenatal classes near your, and dont go hard on yourself start with basic basic asanas and breathing practices which is told by your professional trainer. Please don’t search randomly on YouTube, sometimes what works for others wont work for you.

I don’t want censure/ c-section ? So how can i prepare myself for normal delivery ?

Its wonderful that you want to prepare yourself for normal delivery. Before knowing how to prepare for Normal delivery. You have understand the little bit of anatomy . C-section or censure is depend on many factors which is unavoidable for example pelvis size, major complications , any medical emergency. If you are looking forward for a healthy delivery then start practising yoga, adapt healthy lifestyle, eat good food a good lifestyle will lead you to a healthy delivery without any complications.

How prenatal/postnatal yoga helps in pregnancy ?

Woman goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally. Practicing yoga asana helps you to build muscles and get stronger. Practising pranayama/breathing practices will calm you down and prepares you for labour time. Practicing meditation will help you to overcome the stress and mood swings that happens in pregnancy. Now dont think twice before practicing yoga during, before or after pregnancy. Just search good professional trainer and start practicing.

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