How to perform Jal neti ?

How to perform jal Neti ? In hatha yoga there are six cleansing practices called shatkarma. So neti is one of the shatkarma. Neti is the process of cleansing the nasal passages. Neti is performed in two ways with lukewarm salt water and using a thread.

How to perform jal neti ?

How to perform jal neti

  1. Before practicing jal neti make sure of these following instructions – try to eat light day before practicing, practice neti empty stomach, dont practice neti if you have any nose injuries.
  2. we need few things for this kriya that is – a neti pot, 1 liter lukewarm water with one teaspoon of rocksalt in it.
  3. First prepare your mind , calm down your breath. It is very important to remove the fear of water passing through your nose. once you decide and prepare and allow your mind it will be very very easy to perform jal neti.
  4. Take lukewarm water in neti pot, Don’t fill the pot full with water let it empty half.
  5. Now start breathing through your mouth. Dont even try to breath through your nose otherwise the water will go up to your cavity and you will feel heavy and may feel headache.
  6. Fix the pot’s opening in your one nostril and tilt your chin upward at 45 degree. keep your elbow free to move and slowly pass the water. keep breathing through your mouth and let the water pass through one nostril to another.
  7. Repeat the same on the other nostril.
  8. After passing the water from both the nostrils. perform kapalbhati for 5 to 10 mins to remove the remaining salt water lodged in the respiratory passage.
  9. Rest in balasana for 5 to 10 mins.
  10. Jal neti is a very simple kriya, but we will recommend you to do jal neti under supervision of your yoga teacher/instructor.


  • People who are suffering from nose injuries, they should avoid neti practice.
  • People who have ear infections should avoid this.
  • Do not perform if you have high cold and fever.

Benefits of performing Jal neti

  • Jal neti removes the mucus and pollution from the nasal passage.
  • It helps to maintrain the good health of the ears, eyes and throat.
  • It removes anxiety, nagar, depression, drowsiness and make the head feel light and fresh.
  • Neti helps to awaken the ajna chakra.

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