Welcome to M Yoga Studio!

M Yoga Studio

Our mission and vision –

The purpose of M Yoga Studio is to make the Different types of yoga techniques available to all who are interested in enhancing the quality of their lives from the most fundamental foundation – the inner source.

The idea is to promote the practice of yoga, to offer a tool for reconnecting. This is the place where yoga truly begins in each of our own individual lives. Yoga helps you rise to the challenge of living.

M Yoga Studio

M Yoga Studio provides –

  1. Hatha Yoga
  2. Ashtanga Yoga
  3. Pre-natal Yoga (Garbhasanskara)
  4. Post-natal Yoga
  5. Pranayama and Meditation

We provide teachings in the most traditional and modern ways both.

Our goal is to provide yoga training and practices suitable and available for all ages from kids to teenagers/youngsters to adults to aged.