What are the Six factors that obstructing your progress in yoga?

Factors that obstructing progress in yoga

According to Hatha yoga pradipika there are 6 factors which come in the way of yoga practice are ;

1. Atiahara

Atiahara means over eating.

2. Prayasa

Exceeding certain limits whether it is physical or mental or oral. yoga practitioner should avoid this.

3. Prajalpa

Over talking called prajalpa or bahubhashana.

4. Niyamagraha

Adhering to some traditional rules and regulations is niyamagraha. One should not fasten oneself to certain rules and regulations. This is also and impediment in the path of yoga

5. Janasangha

Being in people’s company is janasangha. this disturbs a hatha yogi, beacause the peoles company arouses feelings like lust, anger, hate, ego etc. these feelings can interrupt practitioner and disturbs his practice. hence, a yogi should avoid the common people’s company.

6. Laulya

Instability or wavering attitude called laulya. There are 10 senses in a human being. having inconsistency in any one of the senses cause for the disturbance of a yogi. That instability interrupts the intellect and the steadiness of a practitioner.

All these 6 factors result in the dissipation of energy. Any act or activity which leads to lose of energy is an obstacle on the path of yoga.

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