Surya Gayatri mantra

Surya gayatri mantra

Surya Gayatri mantra is the greatest of all Vedic mantras. The meaning of a word Gayatri means is that which protects on who chant it. “ॐ भूर्भुवः स्व: ॐ तत्सिवितुर्वरेणयं भर्गोदेवस्यधीमहि।  धियोयोंनः प्रचोदयात् ॥” Surya Gayatri mantra is known as the king of all mantras. Gayatri is generally considered as a female deity but there …

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Vajrasana is the only asana which is prescribed to perform even after lunch/dinner for better digestion. Vajra means “diamond”. The regular practice of vajrasana leads you to a strong and firm body as diamond. Benefits How to perform vajrasana Contraindications of vajrasana MORE TOPICS

What is Trataka?

What is trataka ?

Trataka is meditation practice, is one of the six purification techniques, called Shatakarma of hatha yoga. It is the sanskrit word which means to gaze. the two most common type of practices are antara and bahya . Antara trataka Antara trataka is an internal practice where the gaze is focused on internal parts of the …

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