Jnāna Yoga

Jnāna Yoga divided into 3 parts

  1. Jnāna – Hearing the truth, that Ātman is the only reality and everything else is Maya (relativity) . Stands for knowledge.
  2. Vijnāna – Reasoning upon this philosophy from all points of view.
  3. Prajnāna– Giving up all further argumentation and realising the truth. Stands for profound knowledge, wisdom,ultimate reality/Brahman.

These realisation comes from

  • Being certain that Brahman is real and everything else is unreal;
  • Giving up all desires for enjoyment;
  • Controlling the senses and the mind;
  • Intense desire to be free;

Meditating on these reality always and reminding the soul of its real nature are the only way in this Yoga.
It is the Highest, but most difficult path because it uses the mind and intellect to go beyond themselves to finally realise you are One with divine . Upanishad call it “Razor’s edge”, where the ego is always trying to knock us off. Many persons get an intellectual grasp of it, but very few attain realisation.

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